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Re: Re:Dark Age

When interpreting it from a musical (not a technical) angle, how dark are
these times, then?



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> >Could anyone please explain to me why the Eighties are often referred to
> >as "the dark age"?
> >
> >         Rainer
> lots of possible reasons,
> to do with music going flat and straight
> i have theories:-
> 1) Style (and fashion) became more important than content (and music).
>      ...and the music industry went with that in a big way
> 2) The sound at live music events took a drastic drop in quality (it
> really did,
>     I was there). Partly because the pa equipment itself sounded
> worse (and still does).
> 3) any band going into a studio would find themselves presented with a
>     machine as a replacement for their drummer.
> 4) It started to be considered that metronomic time keeping  was correct,
>     and that anything else was wrong.
> 5) in the studio, it became "a really good idea" to remove all the
> dynamics from the music using compressors.
> 6) somehow related to the dominance of the Disco in the latter half
> of the seventies.
> ...or at least, that's how it seemed in the UK.
> andy butler