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[ANN] tovsky california series

Hello all
The final update of the year, extending into the next...
I am very excited about these CA performances, each a unique
situation with a brilliant collaborator. I hope those of you in the
area can attend.



12/28 @ The Hemlock Tavern 9pm
Part of the "Brink" series presented by Other Minds
and curated by Bernard Kyle.
Solo and duo improvisations with Matt Davignon.
Matt's website: http://www.ribosomemusic.com/

Matt Davignon is an experimental musician living in Oakland,
California. Since 1993, he has developed his own unique style
of music, which focuses largely on textures, arrhythmic patterns
and musical imperfections. Currently, he works almost exclusively
with a drum machine. Instead of using it as a rhythm device, he
plays the pads manually while processing the sounds through an
array of effects devices and samplers, improvising music made of
organic-sounding textures, hums, gurgles and crackles.

12/29 @ The Luggage Store Gallery 9pm           
Duo improvisations with Dominic Cramp.
Dominic's website: http://www.snurp.net

Dominic Cramp is a founding member of the outwardly thinking power trio 
Modular Set and co-founder of the electronic music label Gigante Sound. 
Cramp is currently producing and engineering for Borful Tang. He has an 
ongoing collaboration with visual/sound artist Bruce Tovsky. He has his 
fingers in various depths of a variety of pies around the San Francisco 
Bay Area.

12/30 @ 21 Grand 9pm
Improvisations with Kim Cascone.
Kim's website: http://www.anechoicmedia.com/

Kim Cascone has been involved with electronic music for more than 20 
years since his studies at Berklee College of Music and at the New 
School (with Dana McCurdy) during the 1970s. In the 1980s Cascone 
worked with David Lynch as Assistant Music Editor on both Twin Peaks 
and Wild at Heart. He left the film industry in 1991 to concentrate on 
Silent Records, a label that he founded in 1986, transforming it into 
the U.S.'s premier electronic music label. He sold Silent Records in 
1996, at the height of its success, in order to pursue a career as a 
sound designer. He has worked for Thomas Dolby's company Headspace as a 
sound designer and composer and for Staccato Systems where he oversaw 
the design of new sounds for games using algorithmic synthesis.

Since 1980, Kim has released more than 15 albums of electronic music 
and has collaborated with Keith Rowe, Peter Rehberg, Oval, Scanner, 
Carsten Nicolai, Doug Aitken, and David Toop among others. He has 
performed at festivals in North America and Europe (Lovebytes, Micro 2 
Mutek, Transmissions, Observatori) and has lectured on Post-Digital 
Music internationally. His articles have appeared in Computer Music 
Journal (MIT Press), Artbyte, Mediamatic and Parachute.


1/7 @ Il Corral ?pm
Improvisations with David Kendall
David's website: http://davidkendall.net/

David Kendall began by experimenting with multitrack recordings of 
degraded sound sources in the early nineties. David Kendall's focus 
soon shifted to feedback, as an audio phenomenon and as a general 
principal of recursion in the sound world: first explored in plucked 
string instruments, then in found objects, found electronics, found 
computers, and (in the present day) very expensive "top-of-the-line" 
computers with tons of RAM. Improvisation has always played a central 
role in the practice of David Kendall, and most of his performances 
have been in collaboration with other performers. Some of these 
projects are called, or were called, the invisible Music Production 
Ensemble, Improvisatyrs, Honeycomb Wheels, and the Kentucky Knobs. 
Collaborators with David Kendall include Jeremy Drake, Jessica Catron, 
Sandor Finta, Bob Bellerue, Bryan Eubanks, David Rothbaum, Rachel 
Thompson and Jonathan Zorn. David Kendall earned his MFA from the 
California Institute of the Arts.

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The Hemlock Tavern 1131 Polk Street, between Post & Sutter.

The Luggage Store Gallery 1007 Market Street near 6th in
downtown San Francisco.  415.255.5971

21 Grand 416 25th St. Oakland, CA 94612  510.444.7263


Il Corral 662 N. Heliotrope Dr. (just south of Melrose) Los Angeles, CA 

bruce tovsky

"Reality is whatever refuses to go away when I stop believing in it.."
Philip K. Dick
bruce tovsky

"Reality is whatever refuses to go away when I stop believing in it.."
Philip K. Dick