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Re: against noise

Well done, Kris.
Wishing You A Speedy Recovery,
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From: Kris Hartung
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Fanatical, fascists. Someone needs to build a counter-page called "People with Brains Against Idiots Who Can't Take Responsibility For Their Own Actions (would that be IWCTRFTOA?)  :)
This passage is particularly revealing:

"Women, I ask you to PLEASE look in your son or daughters rooms and really take alook at the music and movies they are exposing themselves to. My husband and I are debating storngly about sending our son to seek some professional help. Right now I am very upset and do not know what to do. I do not want my son to become a pervert. I do not know how he got interested in this stuff at all. And I thought Marylin Manson was the sickest thing around. I am just sick to my stomache that things like this exist."

I think she is the one who should seek professional help. Apparently, she can't spell either. What the paragraph should say is: "Women, please sit down with your husbands and assess how well you have raised your children to be decent human beings, with a healthy sense of values and respect for other human beings...if you've done your job and have spent any amount of quality time with your children rather than letting the media raise them, then you won't have to worry about what type of music they listen to...they will make the right decisions and take decent paths of action."
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Subject: against noise

> Apparently some of you are bringing on the apocalypse, or the downfall of
> civilization, or something like that:
> My suggestion: Do whatever you can to get on her list. Great PR!
> kim
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