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Re: The Dark Age

> Each decade becomes intensely unfashionable shortly after its passing.
>  About twenty years later, it becomes a Golden Era for a new
> generation.  As someone who was born in '69, I distinctly recall that
> it was common knowledge in the 80's that the 70's were the worst
> music, fashion and politics of all time.  The idea that bell bottoms
> would ever become fashionable again was unthinkable to teenagers of
> the time, and yet, they did.
> TravisH

Here in Champaign, IL there is a park with a bunch of statues near a 
creek. They were made in the 70s and are sort of flat silhouette outlines
of students standing or sitting by the creek, many of whom have 
When I was in college here in the 80s, we of course made fun of the. Now
they are in style again.

A while back I was playing a gig at an art gallery and there was this guy
there wearing a peach-colored polyester leisure suit. His friends were
telling him how cool it was. I dunno.