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RE: What's wrong with loops

At 10:23 AM -0800 12/27/05, mark sottilaro wrote:
>--- David Gans <david@trufun.com> wrote:
>>  >A deeply ingrained feeling that the world is a
>>  piece of shit.
>I can only think of the Hanky the Christmas Poo song
>about how poop is everything...  I guess it's context
>too eh?  Poop on your shoe, not good, poop on the
>ground that feeds a plant that feeds a cow that makes
>milk to become icecream... nice!
>  music.  The
>>  >answer is *always* something missing in the
>>  context.
>I always wonder why some forms of music don't work for
>me outside of a live context, and others only seem to
>work in a recorded form.  Do other people have these

I certainly do.

Some more edgy jazz tends to work for me live better than at home, 
although I've had occasions where I picked up disks at a show that I 
thought I might not enjoy at home and found myself pleasantly 

I rarely feel any incentive to hear non-improvised music live.

For recorded music, there is also the related issue of live vs. 
studio. Like most fans, GD's live material works better for me at 
home than GD's studio material. I sometimes have a similar reaction 
to studio jazz disks. Generally I like studio jazz disks better if 
they sound as if they were recorded live. (Longer pieces, fairly 
constant personnel over the course of the disk)

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