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Re: do they know?

very cool,
    i was half joking or some ratio anyway.but i do wonder why anyone exposed to the looping gear doesnt have a life changing epiphanius moment of clarity where they can drop their personna and become reborn as a musician and a person,i know it compleatly changed me and my outlook on life and music...
    I agree wholeheartedlly on the points you make.i do need to buy music from the amazing folks on the list,but where do i start?i havent bought anything for a good long while.if and when i do buy some music for listening ,it will be guitar looping.or cello...ok even sax,or keys...well lets just say loops.it will be a looping album's from members of LD "your all great"

Kim Flint <kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:
At 12:11 PM 12/22/2005, daniel stevenson wrote:
>needs to go loopy...and make an album of it.
>steve via ottmarr liebert
>joe satriani jeff beck
>adrian legg adam jones

don't know about them.

>al demiola

I demoed the EDP to him at NAMM many years ago. (there's a whole funny
story to go with that, ask me some time.) He was mildly interested but I
never heard that he got into it.

> mark mothersbro


>kieth jarret

no idea

> david bowie

Bowie, I can't imagine it. Many of his guitar players I can, and they have.
Not sure about the other band members.

>ed van halen stanley jordan

Both of them own EDP's, unless they sold them. I don't know how they use them.

>david gilmore trent renzor


>mark knofler


Notice there is no 'p' in it. Please keep it that way.

>kirk hammet

also an EDP owner, if he still has them. I think he is waiting for James to
give him permission to use it.

>marty friedman

record a bazillion pointless notes. overdub a bazillion more. my head hurts.

> ad rock
>billy corigan

no idea.

>don vito

you mean the guy from viva la bam? Absolutely, he needs to start looping.

>cecil taylor

interestingly, Oscar Peterson has used loopers. No idea about Cecil Taylor

>les claypool

Les uses looping in live shows all the time now. he uses some pedal for his
loops, but I'm not sure what. His looping is mostly very simple (at least
what I've seen/heard).

>neil young

don't see it.

>danny elfman



keenan? ferguson?

Good stuff, Maynard.

>bobby mcferrin

I'm tempted to agree. But on the other hand he seems to cover a lot of
ground without it. It's like wondering what Tuck Andress would do with a
looper. He fills all available space already, why would he need/desire it?

>mickey hart

no idea. But Bob Weir has a pair of EDP's. I don't know what he does with
them though. Rob Wasserman also.

>jr brown
>if ya know about any of these folks looping,send a link.
>your pal, gout boy"owww my pedals"

Maybe some of the others you list are looping also but I don't know, I just
happened to be more privy to people who owned EDP's over the years.

However like Claude, I doubt that any of these folks are going to do
anything revolutionary with looping. They may be amazing musicians, but
they have their voice already, established long ago. Maybe some will turn
their music in a loopy direction and do something remarkable, but most
likely not.

On the other hand, we have amazing (yet less famous) musicians today in the
present revolutionizing the whole concept of looping with new techniques
and ideas. Looping is a part of their voice and their music down to the
core. Pay attention to them, they are defining the future right now.

Nostalgia is fun, we all enjoy it sometimes. But I think if you lose
yourself in the past you will miss the extraordinary stuff happening today
in the present. From what I can tell, genius is happening all the time.


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