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Re: against noise

At 06:58 PM 12/26/2005, stanitarium wrote:
>that website has been exposed previously on other sites as being bogus; 
>sarcasm or thought provoking er somethin...

darn. It made me feel such warm nostalgia for the culture wars of the 
The PMRC, cartoony Satanic metal, Tipper, Dee Snider before congress, 
backwards messages in Judas Priest songs, the moral majority, drawing 
pentagrams on our school books...those were the days....

is music ever dangerous anymore?
was the fight won and now it's boring?
did they just move on to video games?


> > Apparently some of you are bringing on the apocalypse, or the downfall 
> > civilization, or something like that:
> >
> > http://www.mothersagainstnoise.org/
> >

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