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RE: Ramble In The Bramble for solo looped (classical) guitar

> Nice! I'm not sure I qualify as "any guitar player", but I'll 
> give it a shot. . .
> (Can "any guitar player" read a score?)

Thanks, Art!

I'm honored that you're going to give it a shot. I hope you enjoy it - it's
certainly fun to play for me.

The score is in tab with stems, so calling it a "score" might be a little
more intimidating than it merits. (note: there are two grace notes in there
that Finale didn't put a little slash through - I think it'll be clear
enough when you play along, but if you're interested, I'll also make a
standard notation version of it).

But I know there's nothing technically difficult in the piece. If any of my
little quirky moves don't come naturally to you, substitute some of your

Feel free to morph it for your own purposes. 

Happy playing,