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Re: Godin Multiac Was: VG-88 and Roland GR-33

It *was* the Bellevue store that I was dealing with...
Godin's problem is that they're a "family oriented" business and
prefer to have non Big-Box retailers as their dealers.  Unfortunately,
these places are generally are generally no more informed than GC, but
they do offer poorer selection and higher prices.


On 12/25/05, S V G <vsyevolod@yahoo.com> wrote:
>      Travis,
>      The store that used to carry Godin in Seattle is now out of 
>business.  When I went in there a
> few years ago, they did have a few Godin's in stock, even a Multiac SA.  
>I asked about plugging it
> into a GR-33 and they said they'd have to get one from one of their 
>other stores.  Two days later
> they called me and said that it was in, so I went down there and gave it 
>a workout.  Not bad for a
> store that specilizes in music lessons and band instruments...  Still, 
>most of their good stuff
> was in their Bellevue store where they could "sell to kids in High 
>School who had rich daddies"
> (their words) a lot easier.
>      Stephen