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RE: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

I think that is the motto of most stores.... never hire someone who knows
anything about the product.
I once went into Elderly Instruments in Lansing to check out some of their
hammered dulcimers. Not a single one was in tune and no one there could
demonstrate. So after I tuned all the dulcimers and tried them all out, 
offered me a job. To bad I didn't live close enough to take them up the 

Paul Haslem
Ontario Canada

Quoting Warren Sirota <wsirota@wsdesigns.com>:

> I'm sure there are some exceptions, but music stores are generally about 
> useful to me as computer stores. I have a software product (SlowGold) 
> is sold (theoretically) at Guitar Centers and Sam Ashes. I've gone into 
> of these stores to check on my product: no way to see it, no computers 
> up, no units in stock. Great places, music stores. And usually just a cut
> below car dealers when it comes to ethics (I'm sure we've all got stories
> galore about that). And if you ever find an employee who's got a clue and
> isn't a jerk, he/she probably will be gone the next time you get there.
> I never said any of this...
> Warren