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Godin Multiac Was: VG-88 and Roland GR-33


     You should've come by my house, I had a Multiac along with the Axon 
and the GR-33 for a few
years...  I eventually tired of the language that was required to access 
the programming on the
Axon (I don't speak Geek at all).  The GR-33 had simpler programming with 
superior sounds, the
Axon had far superior response time and programming with a sucky factory 
soundset (to my ear and

     The store that used to carry Godin in Seattle is now out of business. 
 When I went in there a
few years ago, they did have a few Godin's in stock, even a Multiac SA.  I 
asked about plugging it
into a GR-33 and they said they'd have to get one from one of their other 
stores.  Two days later
they called me and said that it was in, so I went down there and gave it a 
workout.  Not bad for a
store that specilizes in music lessons and band instruments...  Still, 
most of their good stuff
was in their Bellevue store where they could "sell to kids in High School 
who had rich daddies"
(their words) a lot easier.

     I eventually found a Godin Multiac on eBay, though in the process was 
mistakenly sent the
Godin ACS (a cheaper solidbody nylon) which I was able to keep for a few 
weeks until my Multiac
arrived.  I far preferred the playing action and feel of the Multiac, 
though I noticed that the
ACS was a better source for the GR-33, probably due to the sustain 
qualities.  Even though I
didn't enjoy the guitar as much, I preferred playing the GR-33 much more 
with the cheaper ACS.

     Speaking of Guitar Center for a moment, I hear many people kinda 
bashing them.  As it must be
difficult being a major music retailer in general, I have to say that I 
have had mostly very
positive experiences at the local Seattle Guitar Center.  Of course you 
have to know your sales
people and avoid the clueless ones.  The local GC seems to have a large 
enough percentage of
knowledgeable sales staff to have made most of my visits there over the 
years quite enjoyable.  In
this regard, your mileage may vary... to the extreme.


> Once I was in the market for a Godin Multiac-SA, with the idea of using 
>it for both amplified
acoustic guitar and synth sounds.  I went to the local Godin dealer, and 
they had no acoustic
guitar amps and no Roland synths.  I was somewhat flabbergasted, and asked 
them how they proposed
to sell them, and they said they sold plenty as it was. 

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