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Re: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

hazard factor wrote:
> Anytime I looked at one, the salesdude (and that's what he was)
> would come by and say 'isn't that cool' and walk away. These things have 
> be set up per player, and I got no help even if I asked. It is hard for
> Roland to sell technology to guitarists because they can't even keep the
> display models working- the Strat had 2 knobs *broken* off. I tried to 
> it, and it was set to a piano sound, It sounded like a cat ran across the
> piano, really- it wasn't set up at all for my playing style. 

That reminds me at how I got my Peavey Midi bass:
I was working in a big store (Berlin, Germany) in the homestudio 
departement and they had this wonderful Midibase bass from Peavey in the 
Bass/Guitar departement, and nobody to show it. Ok I just took it to my 
departement and showing sequencer software with a Midi Bass instead of a 
keyboard as an input (that way at least I sold cool software, and it was 
a lot of fun to play it). Finally when I was leaving my job there, I 
asked them to sell it to me, but the price they were thinking of was way 
out of my budget (something like several thousand DM). Two years later I 
was asking if they still had the bass, but they couldn't find it and I 
assumed it was sold. Two years ago I was at the shop again, just 
wondering if they remeber this impressive instrument, and I found out 
they did not sell it within 8 years or so, and gave it to me for 300 
Euros including the synth (which I never use)...

Now I should try to get an old V-Bass for my fretless, they might give 
it away cheaper as the model runs out... ;-)



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