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Re: P5 as a MIDI controller - first impression

Let us know more about the P5 as you explore it. I'm planning on getting 
one (anyone in Europe wants to sell?).  Check out the P5 yahoo
group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/p5glove/ and the community page 
at http://www.zzz.com.ru/index.php?area=pages&action=view_page&page_id=11
for a lot more software and updated 3rd party drivers. And I'd suggest 
using MIDI Yoke and an amazing host called Bidule, by Plogue (it does 
the MIDI patchbay thing amazingly well among other things) if you really 
want to open up the possibilities.

Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

>Motivated by the reference to the Gypsi controller, I decided to use the
>christmas holidays for some experiments with my P5.
>For those among you who do not know the P5: it's a data glove which
>consists of the glove itself and a stationary sensor unit to which the
>glove is connected with a cable. The sensor unit interfaces to the
>computer (or whatever) via USB1.1
>The system tracks the position and angle of the glove, giving you a
>total of six sensor informations. Plus, you get five more for the finger
>bending angles, and four buttons on the top of the glove (to be operated
>by the other hand), one of which is hardwired as an on/off button. The
>glove is only available as a right-hand model and can be found for
>'round $20 new.
>There are drivers which convert the glove sensor data into MIDI
>controller messages (http://www.audiomulch.com/simulus/p5glove/). All of
>those currently available there only use the finger bending and x/y/z
>position (no angles alas...).
>My R&D setup consists of the glove, a windows computer with (one) MIDI
>interface and a Nord MicroModular.
>First impression: way cool! Depending on the patch, you can either use
>the glove to control weird washes of sound, control sound parameters of
>normal patches you play with your left hand, or play melodies with the
>glove. I'll explore this some more, stay tuned...
>Caveat: the drivers I use generate MIDI CC messages, no MIDI note
>commands. This somehow limits the choice of synthesizers you can use the
>glove to really play melodies. It works with the Modular...
>To use the glove to control software synths on the same computer, you
>need some kind of (software) MIDI patchbay. One of them is called MIDI
>Yoke - haven't played with that so far...