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RE: VG-88 and Roland GR-33 dissapearing rumors

Ah, so there isn't a combo guitar synth/VG system? That would rock! 
I use a GI-10 triggering a Roland XV5050, which is a pretty amazing synth. 
always had seen GR30s/33s in some Guitar Centers/Sam Ashes and they were
always 'mostly' connected to a bad GR Strat, with headphones that were
broken. Anytime I looked at one, the salesdude (and that's what he was)
would come by and say 'isn't that cool' and walk away. These things have to
be set up per player, and I got no help even if I asked. It is hard for
Roland to sell technology to guitarists because they can't even keep the
display models working- the Strat had 2 knobs *broken* off. I tried to play
it, and it was set to a piano sound, It sounded like a cat ran across the
piano, really- it wasn't set up at all for my playing style. 
Smaller stored never even order this kind of stuff, since it takes time to
learn to use it, much less try to sell it to a conservative *ahem* blues
lawyer clientele. Our only hope is to order it and decide within the 30 day
I was supposed to do a Brian Moore clinic at a local store, but it was
canceled because they didn't want to order any synths- they didn't think
they could sell them. 

Roland tends to come out with stuff and have no idea how to get it into the
hands of the consumer, except the 'buy first and then decide' ideal. I
bought a Roland GT-Pro, which is an awesome machine, but no one actually
carries one, so it is impossible to try out- it is also overpriced compared
to the offerings of other companies. 

But it is cool controlling loop feedback with picking dynamics....

Dave Eichenberger- 

> At 11:25 AM -0800 12/24/05, William Walker wrote:
> >OK here is the partial skinny on Roland, direct from the source of a 
> >Roland Rep I know. Roland has created an intirely separate 
> division for 
> >their guitar and VG products, and though current models are 
> being fazed 
> >out, the rep hinted that roland might finally be developing 
> a pro grade 
> >guitar synth possibly a rackmount device that actually has a 
> good sound 
> >engine,