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Re: What's wrong with loops

joe rut wrote:
> Blah, Blah, Blah.  The list is infinite.
> Anyway, when I read about David Battino and Jim AIkin "Realiz[ing] what 
>was missing" in the loop music they were listening to on podcsats,   my 
> first question (as it *always* is in these cases) is: "What is missing 
>in their context?"

Well, there are two sides of David Battinos view, one is just the 
perception of "something missing" (I have no doubt that this was the 
case) and then there is the need to understand it, which often leads to 
I sometimes feel strange, because it seems there is no single style of 
music which I do not like. Where most people seems to have preferences 
and then need an explanation why a different style than their prefered 
one is bad.
Music (and any other art) is not made to fullfill anyones expectations!
Music is especially interesting if it will give you some surprise, 
something you did NOT expect.
So it seems David Battinos did miss something, but certainly it was 
neither chord progressions nor has it anything to do with looping.
He just couldn't name it, and thought it was something which he 
definitely likes within his prefered music styles.

I might think the same as David about the music he was listening to, but 
I just love Xenakis. This would lead to completely different, as absurd 
conclusions as Davids, I might even think it has too much of old 
fashioned chord progression in it...

Some time ago I met an old friend who is not at all into techno music. 
He wanted to explain why techno music was bad, and his explanation was: 
The beat was going against the heart beat... He was very astonished, 
when I explained, that the aim of a lot of DJ's was actually to 
syncronize the heart beat of the audience...

Normally if I do not like a music, I must admitt, I don't understand it, 
be it missing context or whatever. Only if I like it, I could judge.

> What did the music critic say after his preconceptions wore off?
> Hmmmmm.  That might be interesting.

This music opened my mind and my senses. In the future I'll only write 
about music if it touches me...



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