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Re: Just got my first looper

Michael Pregeant wrote:

> I just recieved my first looper, an EDP fresh from Gibson and I am 
> wondering what I should about footcontrollers. I hear so much woe 
> about the EDP's footcontroller but when it comes to midi programming, 
> I am completely clueless. What would you guys use for an EDP foot 
> controller, and what it's affordable for me to buy?

Congratulations on the EDP!

In my comparison of the EDP footcontroller (EFC-7) and the MIDI 
controller Behringer FCB1010, I prefer the latter!  (And it seems this 
list does, too.)  Besides being able to customize what buttons do what, 
it's got a "positive feel" to the nicely-sorta-beefy buttons...the EFC's 
are kinda wimpy and prone to replacement need.  Programming it is just 
hunkering down and reading which button to press in what order...it's 
not bad.  I have little experience "midi programming," and I did this ok!