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Re: What's wrong with loops

At 5:21 PM +0000 12/23/05, mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:
>Cool article...thanks for that link, Warren. My approach to looping
>has always been to use actual chord progressions, repeated like
>in a normal jazz performance. It can be done quite easily, really,
>but I guess a lot of people just don't do it. Play in some kind of
>bass+chords or drums+bass+chords, etc accompaniment and loop it back.

I work alone, with just a guitar and some effects.  Usually my loops 
begin with one or two chords, or sometimes a four-bar ostinato.  it 
is a challenge to keep it interesting over time, for sure.  I haven't 
yet started taking advantage of the capabilities of my new Echoplex, 
but w/ the RC-20XL I try to work with 16 bars (four iterations of the 
four-bar pattern) and add new information sparingly.  I'll do 
something in the first and ninth bars, for example.

And since I'm a songwriter who also does loop improv, I will often 
resolve the loop by moving it into a song and saying goodbye to the 
stored info.


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