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Re: Boss RC-50 shows up on US website

Todd Pafford wrote:
> The good news is that "It's the best live looping tool ever built" and
> the "new industry-leading looper."  Thank god "The Ultimate Looper Has
> Arrived."  I guess we can all sell our EDPs, Repeaters, Jammen,
> Boomerangs, dl4s, etc.  Oh, and stop production on that Looperlative,
> unless you've designed in the "more ultimate" feature. :)
> Wow, don't ya' love marketting speak?

But they left out my personal favorite, "limited only by your imagination".
So I guess there is at least one more level of ultimate.

Seriously though, besides feedback I didn't see anything resembling 
which I've come to consider essential in a looper.