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Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

Title: Re: New Fripp Rig & how his rig functions

I do know that Robert Fripp uses a Swtichblade switching system. (www.soundsculpture.com)

The best switching system on the planet. Ken the owner is a first class guy too. I have the 16 channel model and you can route anything anywhere. Fade things in and out via expression pedals, etc.


on 12/23/05 7:16 AM, RPGfreak@web.de at RPGfreak@web.de wrote:

> Hi,
> has anyone seen Fripp's new rig on his site or even heard it? What does he use
> now? Why no more TC 2290? Can Eventide do the same?
> And a question: How did his old rig work? Did he use the TC2290 serial or did
> he ffed different audio to different delays? And whate were the Eventides and
> Roland Preamps for?
> Thanks for you answers and I wish you a blessed Channukah or Christmas.
> - Simon
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