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Re: do they know?


Nobody _needs_ to be loopy

what can loop add to their mastery?  they already know how to play and 
they already can play enough notes at the same time
their sound pallette is already grown up

every body needs to have a red banjo, a big nose and speak with a waliser 


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From: "daniel stevenson" <stillllscary@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 9:11 PM
Subject: do they know?

needs to go loopy...and make an album of it.

  steve via                           ottmarr liebert
  joe satriani                        jeff beck
  adrian legg                        adam jones
  al demiola                         mark mothersbro
  kieth jarret                        david bowie
  ed van halen                     stanley jordan
  david gilmore                     trent renzor
  mark knofler                      kirk hammet
  marty friedman                  ad rock
  billy corigan                      don vito
  cecil taylor                        les claypool
  neil young                         danny elfman
  maynard                           bobby mcferrin
  mickey hart                       jr brown

  if ya know about any of these folks looping,send a link.
  your pal,  gout boy"owww my pedals"

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