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Re: Boss RC-50 shows up without feedback control

oh yeah,my next looper gots to have feedback controll.ya feel me?probably wont run on batteries any who...sure dont look it."sigh"
what are my alternatives besides a big ole car/marine battery?ive already got my bicycle trailer loaded with a guitar,micro-cube,dl4,and a volume pedal,none of which i consider light going uphill...a big battery just isnt going to work...
can i rig up some kind of alternate power supply  to run say...a rc 50 or one  the two rack units edp/looperlative with just a handfull of c-batteries?
im goin to have to figure somethin out by the time the weather breaks.
eating cherries and typing,

Gary Lehmann <hqr@cox.net> wrote:
Yeah, kind of a deal breaker--altho might be fun to run an EDP into--

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From: Doug Cox

Still no word on feedback control. Anybody see it in there? I don't :(

David Kirkdorffer wrote:

>More specs here:
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>From: "Travis Hartnett"
>Still short on details though:

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