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lucas ideal controler

cleaning the thread

some ideas

>The bare project comprehends:
>Lcd display + led
>Midi in/out
Midi out we all understand but with midi in it would be great to have a 
to recall the "buttons pages or banks" by program ch (the pedboard should 
have his dedicate chann) the idea is to have maybe another midi source 
All the devices by (pg ch) to the next song/state including the foot 

>Usb port +  editor

allso think about the usb port being the IN of an all computer solution 
probably better to think about it before the hardware is done)
>18 buttons in 3 rows
silent and light touch buttons for subtle and precise sending
how is the banking done ??
>ac power (switching)

going to be expensive ....

>p/c + c/c + note on/off indipendent per each button

better would be an "ANY midi message" container for Button ON  and another 
for button OFF (harder to program for the user because you really need to 
midi fluent BUT soo much versatile and creative : send to different 
send multiple messages, send small sys ex messages, etc....

>on/off or sustain type per each button
provide a ON value and a OFF value
a reset all "ON" controlers button type ==> sends all OFF values on one 
>5 continous control input jacks (selectable as dependent or indipendent 
>from preset )

>2 leds per each button

great project