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RE: Line 6 Dl4 mod

At 7:21 PM -0500 12/21/05, hazard factor wrote:
>  I did email Keeley about a DL4 mod allowing the exp pedal to control
>feedback instead of loop volume (in loop mode). I basically got a nice 
>letter saying that they don't curently offer that, but to check back and
>see. Maybe if enough loopers would ask about it, though, it might happen.

FWIW, I've been talking with Analog Mike about the feasibility of 
doing a similar upgrade on the Boss DD-20.  In this case, I've been 
chatting with him about adding a jack for an EV-5 expression pedal to 
control Feedback.

I think it looks pretty promising (not least of which because Mike's 
already done this mod to the DD-5 & DD-6) but I've got to open up my 
DD-20 and check a few things, then report back to him.  He's socked 
up until after the holidays anyway.  But I'll report back when it 
amounts to something tangible...


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