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Re: Rocktron All Access

Hi Sean,

>> Ok,
>> The bare project comprehends:
> Of course you must have expected this listing to draw more questions ;)

Yes, this is what we expect ;-)

>> Lcd display + led
> How many characters in the LCD display?
I'm waiting from the tech

>> Midi in/out
>> Usb port +  editor
>> 18 buttons in 3 rows
> 15 programmable switches + 3 navigation switches or a different 
> configuration?


>> ac power (switching)
>> p/c + c/c + note on/off indipendent per each button
> more than one of each type for each button?


>> on/off or sustain type per each button
>> 5 continous control input jacks (selectable as dependent or 
>> indipendent from preset )
>> 2 leds per each button
> What are the two LEDs for?

because when you set one button as latch/unlatch, you need to see when 
it's on or off

> Can you describe the bank/preset quantities and configuration?  For 
> example, how many presets in a bank?  How many banks and presets in 
> total are there?  Are there even banks?  In other words, does a preset 
> consist of the programming for a single switch or for all of the 
> programmable switches?  If there are banks, do the presets exist 
> independently of the banks (preset independence means that if a preset 
> is used by multiple banks, then the preset only needs to be modified 
> once for the change to be available in all banks that use the preset)?
> .

I asked the tech to send me a more detailed spec list.
It will be posted here as soon as I will get it.

In the meantime ... think !

My best,