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RE: Line 6 Dl4 mod

 I did email Keeley about a DL4 mod allowing the exp pedal to control
feedback instead of loop volume (in loop mode). I basically got a nice form
letter saying that they don't curently offer that, but to check back and
see. Maybe if enough loopers would ask about it, though, it might happen. 
who knows, maybe someone on this list could figure it out. Or we can bother
Line6 for a software update.

Dave Eichenberger 

> At 9:03 PM -0800 12/20/05, William Walker wrote:
> >Hey, I just got my DL4 back from Keeley electronics. I had 
> them do the 
> >modification I might have mentioned a few weeks back. My little 
> >Christmas present to myself. I'm happy to report that these almost
> >49 year old ears can hear the difference. Its cleaner 
> sounding  with no 
> >volume drop when using it as a delay, and it seems to be 
> missing some 
> >annoying high frequency back ground noise and RF. And it now
> >sports the ultra cool blue LEDs!!    check it out at 
> ><http://www.robertkeeley.com>www.robertkeeley.com