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Re: gratuitous nostalgia was: re: Looping in prehistory

My G*D we have so much possiblity. I concur. I have a pile of pedals, a 
few synth capable guitars, a Boss RC-20XL and a computer loaded with 
Cubase. All of this technology and absolutely no time to use it. Between 
launching a new career in health care with fulltime school, working, 
paying a mortgage and still managing to be a reasonable 
husband/son/brother/friend, I have little time to utilize any of it. A 
crushing irony. I would've been gobsmacked if someone had told me about 
all of this in the 80's when I was a gigging , functional musician. Aside 
from my weekly gig mangling worship tunes in a church with weird noises, I 
have little time to create. Dangnations!

Anyone else experiencing this along with option ansiety?


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>> It's a good time to be alive as a musician (even if it's harder and 
>> to find places to play).
>> Watching Jaco loop those harmonics in an ostinato pattern it makes me 
>> think how jazzed he would be today,
>> owning an EDP,  a Looperlative,  a Repeater,  a laptop with Augustus 
>> or Moebius or Ableton's Live.
>> What he would do with it all.   It's humbling, isn't it?
>I've wondered the same thing about people like Janis and Jimi.  But then 
>look at some of the 'greats' who did survive and see what they are doing 
>now.  I look at Fripp or Eno and see where the technology took them, and 
>then see Clapton, who is GREAT - no doubt, but is still playing the same 
>It is still a great great time to be a musician!