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Re: gratuitous nostalgia was: re: Looping in prehistory

> It's a good time to be alive as a musician (even if it's harder and 
> to find places to play).
> Watching Jaco loop those harmonics in an ostinato pattern it makes me 
> think how jazzed he would be today,
> owning an EDP,  a Looperlative,  a Repeater,  a laptop with Augustus 
> or Moebius or Ableton's Live.
> What he would do with it all.   It's humbling, isn't it?

I've wondered the same thing about people like Janis and Jimi.  But then 
look at some of the 'greats' who did survive and see what they are doing 
now.  I look at Fripp or Eno and see where the technology took them, and 
then see Clapton, who is GREAT - no doubt, but is still playing the same 

It is still a great great time to be a musician!