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Re: Rocktron All Access

The bare project comprehends:
Lcd display + led
Midi in/out
Usb port +  editor
18 buttons in 3 rows
ac power (switching)
p/c + c/c + note on/off indipendent per each button
on/off or sustain type per each button
5 continous control input jacks (selectable as dependent or indipendent 
from preset )
2 leds per each button

my best,

Sean Echevarria wrote:

> With about 5 more switches...
> At 2005.12.21 08:25 AM, Luis Angulo wrote:
>> sounds very good Luca can you tell us what kind of
>> features it will it have? my dream come true would be
>> to see the PMC10 back built with better quality
>> components!
>> cheers
>> Luis
> .