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luca dreamtoy

i'd love to more about this protoype, i would think we all do (no?).

Unless you want to keep it like a secret, in that case please send me  
some info offlist when you gather it.


On Dec 21, 2005, at 10:36 AM, Luca Formentini wrote:

> Hi,
> after seeing how you're trying to design the ideal footcontroller,  
> I wanted to tell you that I'm collaborating with a tech who is  
> building the prototype of what I need.
> It would be nice to check if we could see if what he's preparing  
> would be interesting for you also; we're at the point we can add  
> the things we need.
> During the next days I will try to translate the project he's  
> working on.
> If any of you want to check it out, please mail me privately unless  
> the list wants to keep this specific sub-subject going.
> I forgot to say that I decided to go this road because after  
> checking all the tech data of the controllers you're talking about,  
> I found none of those could be giving the 100% of what I need, so I  
> asked to the tech how much would have costed to have one to find  
> out he was about to build one, he accepted me to add to his project  
> all the needs I had. The cost of this footcontroller will be lower  
> ( 10%) of the All Access.
> my best,
> luca
> www.unguitar.com