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Re:Re: custom power supplies: feasibility

At 09:29 21/12/05, you wrote:
>The other half isn't used, an don't heat up.

That's the point though, all the heating is in one half,
the one that IS used.

>The rectifier is specified for the needed current and it will only 
>drive as much as is needed.

A rectifier is diodes,
diodes don't "drive" current.
Some of the diodes will be carrying twice the current that the 
designer of the circuit
accounted for.
Possibly the diodes are over specified.
Possibly the fact you're using a lower voltage for the dc means
that any voltage regulation circuitry after the diodes has to work less
hard, and less current is drawn through the diodes.
Possibly the rectifier diodes are all in one package, where
thermal conductivity is good, so the heat is distributed anyway.

Possibly someone else tries the same trick and fries their gear

As your stuff didn't blow that's fine.  :-)