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Re: Rocktron All Access

Jeff Shirkey wrote:
 >The following response is from a friend of mine.
>> Ah, but you can!
>> There are 12 Instant Access Switches, another 12 that can be called up
>> per preset

What he is referring to is the ability to send up to 12 CC messages
whenever a preset is recalled along with program changes if desired.
This doesn't change the IA switches, it is simply sending a bunch
of CC messages when you press a preset switch.  So, if you setup a preset
to send only one CC message it would behave sort of like an IA switch 
that it cannot operate in "momentary" mode where CC 127 is sent when the 
is down and CC 0 is sent when the switch is released.

>> BUT those 4 jacks can also be used as a switch, either momentary or
>> latching.
>> So you could assign "pedal" 4 to be a switch, and to send MIDI CC# A
>> on Channel B globally, and to send MIDI CC# C on Channel D per preset.

Yes, but like the other guy he's talking about the 4 jacks for an external
expression pedal or switch.  You can save different CC assignments for
these per-preset, but you only have four of them and you have to mess
with 4 external pedals or switches.

To make it really specific, what I would like to do (and what the AllAccess
allows) is to assign IA switches 1-12 to CC numbers 0-11 in preset 1,
then to CC numbers 12-23 in preset 2, then to CC numbers 24-35 in preset 
3, etc.
That way you can use the bottom row of preset switches to instantly
select 6 banks of 12 completely different IA switches.

What makes this confusing is that when people with my needs say
"I need to send a lot of different CC messages" what most foot controller
manufacturers think that means is "I need to send a lot of different CC 
at the same time when I press one switch".  What it really means is "I need
a lot of switches that send a single unique CC message".