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Re: Rocktron All Access

Not just the "internal control changes" but also the 16 byte "Preset 
Hex/MIDI Message" (section 14.7) - you could stuff up to 5 control changes 
there too.  Then you aren't limited to the 24 internal ccs that are set up 
globally (per section 12.4).

At 2005.12.20 02:01 PM, Jeff Larson wrote:
>Jeff Larson wrote:
>>Right but all they can do is send program changes and optionally
>>the "state" of each instance access switch.
>I was slightly wrong.  Each preset can also send up to 24
>CC messages when it is selected, and these CC's do not
>have to be the same ones assigned to the instant switches.
>These are called "internal control changes" in the manual.
>So you could make the 6 preset switches call a non-SUS
>EDP function, but since the preset switches are one-shot,
>they cannot be used for SUS functions.  You can then use
>the bank up/down buttons to scroll through different CC
>assignments for the bottom 6 switches, but not the top 12
>which are global.