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RE: Looping in prehistory

Thanks for all the great info, Tim.

On this DVD, he doesn't go into all the histrionics. I guess each
performance was different. (but he did quote Third Stone).

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota

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> --- Warren Sirota <wsirota@wsdesigns.com> wrote:
> > I don't know what [Jaco] was using - you can't see
> much
> > of it - but it was
> > really surprising and cool to be watching this great
> > music and suddenly see a looper!
> From Guitar Player, 1984:
> As Jaco described the effect, "I've got an MXR Digital
> Delay, which I put through one amp, leaving the other
> amp clean, to cause a natural sort of vibrato. I'ts
> almost like an organ Leslie [rotating speaker] effect
> or flanger. A good example of that effect is the title
> cut from the 8:30 album, or the tune 'Continuum' from
> the live Invitation album. I also used that effect a
> lot on the Joni Mitchell records, particularly on
> 'Coyote' and 'Hejira' on Hejira, or 'Goodbye Pork Pie
> Hat' and 'God Must be A Boogie Man' on Mingus."
> and
> Bill Milkowski, in his Pastorius biography, describes
> a typical Jaco solo showcase like this:
>     During Joni [Mitchell's] road show, Jaco was
> featured in a solo bass spot every night. Using the
> repeat function of an MXR Digital Delay, he would lay
> down an ostinato, loop it, and then play solo lines on
> top of the repeating riff. As he played, he would--of 
> course--slide around the stage on the baby powder sprinkled 
> beneath his feet, and he would often get the crowd to clap 
> along with the beat while he danced and strutted his James 
> Brown moves. As the solo gathered speed, Jaco would turn up 
> the built-in fuzz tone of his Acoustic 360 amplifier full 
> blast and launch into an explosion of feedback, quoting from 
> Jimi Hendrix's "Third Stone from the Sun" and "The 
> Star-Spangled Banner" along the way. He would then climax his 
> showcase by laying his bass down on the stage (pickups still 
> howling), climbing on top of his amp, and jumping onto his 
> instrument. Sometimes he would mockingly whip the bass into 
> submission with his guitar strap, like some sort of comical 
> Marquis de Sade. 
> -t-
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