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DSD (Re: sample rate)

DSD - Direct Stream Digital.

it sounds killer.

In THEORY it's the best of both worlds. Analog and Digital I mean.  
There is some noise that builds as you start multi tracking but if  
you over sample (we're talking in the range of 2 to 4 MEGAHertz  
sampling rate) then the noise is way up in the doggy range. Obviously  
there are memory and cpu blocks when juggling so much data, but we  
know that stuff gets bigger better cheaper faster etc.... overnight.

DSD comes from Sony and the SACD world. But keep an eye on Kevin  
Brown and Genex -


as he is actually brave enough to put it into practice. i know some  
people that have used this technology on the road to multi-track big  
acts and the initial reports are that it maybe a bit flaky right now,  
but it sounds killer.

- b

On Dec 20, 2005, at 2:29 PM, Warren Sirota wrote:

> Please excuse my ignorance - what's DSD?
>> Did I get this question/answer format from watching seinfeld last  
>> night?
>> Yes. Yes I did.
> That must be the source of Rumsfeld's rhetorical style..
> Best wishes,
> Warren Sirota