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Re: Looping in prehistory

Magic musicians !
About Jaco Looping, a friend of mine has a bootleg of one of his last tour
dates, where there're some small looping performances.
I've always thinking that he used delay devices, but I'm not sure.


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> I just rented the DVD of Joni Mitchell's Shadows and Light tour, which I
> at the SF Civic Center in 1979. This was the post-"Mingus" tour featuring
> Pat Metheny, the late Jaco Pastorius, and Michael Brecker. Once again, I
> reminded of what a brilliant, radical songwriter and performer she was in
> her prime (maybe still, but musical fashion being what it is, you don't
> much from her anymore. And the more recent albums that I've heard haven't
> really broken new ground like her masterpieces, Mingus and Hejira). And 
> incredible and unique singer, as well.
> You don't see all that much of Jaco in the video - he was standing mostly
> the other side of the stage, so when Joni's singing, mainly you see
> lurking behind her. But Jaco has a pretty big solo spot a few songs in,
> he starts off by laying down two or three layers of loop. At some point 
> mutes it, and then later brings it back.
> I don't know what he was using - you can't see much of it - but it was
> really surprising and cool to be watching this great music and suddenly
> a looper!
> Best wishes,
> Warren Sirota