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Re: sample rate

> u have a wave at 1/2 the sample frequency. think about it like
> connect-the-dots.
> the only ones u can plot are the max(positive) and min(negative)
> points of the wave. NOW connect the dots and what do u have. thats
> right a sawtooth wave. even if the original was a sine.

I think you might be missing Andy was saying here - and this is a very 
important point - that you don't get to decide where on the wave you 
It just happens on a regular schedule.   It could easily happen that 
sampling exactly on the zero crossing of that wave who's frequency is 1/2 
the sample frequency.  What sound informaton do you have then? nothing.  
you are lucky enough to be sampling right on the peak and valley, then 
you'll get a triangular wave.   If you happen to sample somewhere between 
the zero crossing and the peaks, then you'll get a sawtooth that is much 
less volume and out of phase.