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Re: looperlative london demo

Will be watching very carefully.
I will try to get to Namm purely to see the unit.
But if you are using it on the 12th I will come and check you out, keep 
us posted
On 18 Dec 2005, at 00:31, Steve Lawson wrote:

> >>>Could be exactly what I need to get away from my laptop back to 
> hardware again, The edp was good, superlooper was the progression I 
> wanted and now this could be exactly what I have been waiting for, for 
> the last 4 years.
> Any news about uk availability as soon as you know would be great, and 
> also if it might be possible to demo the unit next year when it 
> arrives.
> The ethernet is a very future proof sensible idea, forward thinking.
> This is all very encouraging
> and I will be buying one if it does what it says reliably.<<<
> Hi Geoff,
> I'll certainly be sorting out a London demo of the box as soon as I 
> can, and may well be using it at my gig at Darbucka in London on 
> January 12th... watch this space.
> cheers
> Steve
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