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Re: Even crazier thoughts about ideal footcontrollers

Warren Sirota wrote:
> I wouldn't even mind if it was a bit heavy. I could just go to
> a gig with my guitar, the fc/interface, laptop and plug into a sound 
> *That* would be awesome. Probably a pretty limited market, I guess.

Beside the NI controller, which just lacks the additional inputs, I 
recommend a little Quatafire plus a foot controller. Its just one Midi 
cable more, its very small (1/3 rackspace) and has 4 analog ins, two of 
them as mic/instrument in and two lines. And in the little box there are 
two! extra Midi in and outs.

There is also in the same size a box from Presonus, but with only 1 Midi 

The Multiface is for sure equipped with much better converters, but it 
lacks the mic preamps, and thus you'd also need a mixer.



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