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Re: custom power supplies: feasibility RE: RPTR issues

Timothy Mungenast wrote:
> "I have some Peavey gear, and they all come with very heavy 18V 
>>AC power supplies. All the gear till now including an analog mixer runs 
>>just fine with a switching power supply that delivers only 12 V DC !!!"
> So, Stefan,  you're using a DC supply to power stuff that asks for AC, 
>am I
> hearing you right? 
> And nothing has blown up yet?
> Cool!!!
> I'm not sure how you you're making this work, but I'm fascinated ;-)
> ~Tim

The internals of all gear I know needs AC, and if you feed it with DC, 
there are just a bunch of diodes and capacitors which put it down to the 
correct voltages it needs inside, most likely lower than what you put 
in. The advantage is also, you don't have to worry about correct polarity.

If it wants AC of 18 V, its not very dangerous to give it less than that 
as DC and just see if its happy with it.



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