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Re: new guy intro

i was a beta tester for the tron. it's like part of our family here.

but beyond that-

 the tron has more customizable midi messages, which is especially  
useful if you are max user
 it has 20 terminals (vs 16 on the doepfer i think?)
 the terminals can also be outputs for running relays, motors, LEDs,  
robot armies, etc..

i just met this the other day -


and will be playing with it as soon as she gets some built in  
january. i can't comment yet on it, except that it seems to me to be  
very similar to the midibox concept.


which is also cool as hell.

- b

On Dec 19, 2005, at 5:42 PM, David Morton wrote:

> On 12/15/05, Brian Cass <b@the0verclock.com> wrote:
>> In other news - I have been getting down and dirty with the building
>> of custom midi controllers, thanks to the Midibox architecture and
>> (my favorite) the MidiTron from eric singer.
> This is something I've been looking at lately, would you mind saying
> what made you opt for the MidiTron over the Doepfer Pocket Electronic?
> D