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Re: new guy intro

I didn't necessarily rebuild fm7 in max, i just made some basic synth  
stuff. I definitely didn't get the sound quality that fm7 (nor  
reaktor synth) provides, but i was able to avoid the whole midi into  
vst~ nightmare. I know it's not THAT hard (prepend midievent all  
that..), but with all the data that comes out of my midi guitar  
controller, it was a headache. It also seemed that several of my vst  
instruments were unreliable in the vst~ position. So I try to stay  
away from that now. I hope to build a really good solid synth in MSP  
one of these days, my needs are specific but not ridiculous, mostly  
cool lead sounds and the occasional pad (i am also on the lookout for  
a nord micro that i can cannibalize for this role). Only thing is  
that FM7 sounds so good and uses virtually no CPU. It maybe a DX7  
clone, but it does have the suspicious ability to mimic the casio CZ  
line. Can anyone say Phase Distortion vs. Frequency Modulation.  
There's a debate for ya.

Oh also, i tried using soundflower to get fm7, guitar rig, reaktor as  
stand alones to jive with max/msp. Another way to avoid vst~. While  
it did work fairly well, it didn't work all the time. So that got  
kicked to the curb too. As of right now I am actually looking at  
building my entire system into Guitar Rig 2, it's an incredible  
improvement over version 1. And I have been finding some nice ways to  
get synthlike tones from my guitar signal. The only thing that I  
might need to do is run a max patch for the more complicated midi  
routing. But getting midi between apps is far easier than audio  
still. I don't care what the Rewire believers say.

- b

On Dec 19, 2005, at 5:25 PM, Stefan Tiedje wrote:

> Brian Cass wrote:
>> I have been using reaktor and fm7 embedded inside Max/MSP for  
>> awhile  to do my looping business, but recently with the addition  
>> of some new  home made midi controllers i found it smoother and  
>> more fun to  rebuild the entire system in Max/MSP without the vst  
>> parasites.
> Wow, don't let this your boss to read, replacing reaktor with Max/ 
> MSP seem natural for me, but...
> How did you replace the fm7, did you completely resemble it in Max?
> I did a lot of DX7 sounds back in the 80s and was always  
> considering to get a fm7, but I am not so much into synthesis  
> nowadays.
> Stefan
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