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Open invitation to UncleDig.com

Hello loopers!

Just a quick note to let you know about a site that I've started:  

The site is an online community aimed at musicians who want to present 
their recorded work to the general public.  It's only about 10 days old 
but we already have ~75 members, and a growing archive of songs and 
effects/technique demo clips from those members.  I'm hoping that the 
community can have a strong presence from looping artists, too.  Thus 
this slightly spammy note :)

I haven't done much yet to publicize the site, yet traffic is at about 
300 unique visitors per day (listening to ~2 songs/visitor).  I have 
plans to do a lot more advertising and link exchanges, with the intent 
of getting some broad exposure for the members/contributors.  Obviously, 
right now the site may not get you any more traffic than your own site 
does - but I'm hoping that will change in the near future.

Come by and give it a look.  Registration and participation are free - 
there are no catches.  Your email address is privacy-safe, and you can 
control the copyright on the music you post there, either through 
Creative Commons, or your own existing copyrights.  I just thought it 
might be a nice change of pace to create a place where people can share, 
collaborate, discuss and learn.

This is also the place from which I'll begin to podcast a series of 
ongoing interviews with interesting people involved in various scenes - 
live looping, effects building, etc.  Finally, this is where you'll be 
able to find the results of the 2005 Looper's Survey, after I compile 
them this week.

Hope to see you there!  Feel free to email me offlist if you have any