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Re: Random radio sounds (first try)

Never heard something like this, but I found both interesting !


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Subject: RE: Random radio sounds (first try)

> i just gave my first solo/looping concert.
> what i did was basically sampling small fragments of FM radio
> broadcasts from an old ghetto blaster, in real time, using
> Sooperlooper thru AbletonLive, with a bit of MicroModular.

way cool, Stephane.

I've been doing basically the same thing for a year or two now (I've looped
a radio on loop festivals in Berlin and Zürich, using nothing but an EDP).
Big fun. I'm still experimenting with this. Although there is lots of 
and the results aren't really controllable, people seem to like it, if only
for the novelty value.

What I find especially interesting is the similarity of your output and

Here's my cut-up radio loops: