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Re: Even crazier thoughts about ideal footcontrollers

On Dec 18, 2005, at 23:59, Warren Sirota wrote:

> t would be
> possible to build in a very-sturdily-cushioned 8-in/2-out computer  
> audio
> interface

Why build one when you can buy it right away? ;-)

On Dec 19, 2005, at 0:44, Bill Edmondson wrote:
> I think the RME multiface is the best analog/digital i/o box out  
> there. it
> connects to the laptop via firewire thru a cardbus (or pci card)

I agree! I picked up my Multiface on recommendation some years ago  
and it is still serving me perfectly on laptops as well as tower  
machines. Mac or Windows doesn't matter, the interface (RME's  
software "DSP mixer") is exactly the same.

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