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Even crazier thoughts about ideal footcontrollers

This is really dreaming, but do you think that, for enough $$, it would be
possible to build in a very-sturdily-cushioned 8-in/2-out computer audio
interface (OK, 4 in would do in a pinch, 6 would be better), and let me
connect the whole thing up to the computer with a single firewire or usb
cable, and forget about midi cables and external interfaces altogether? I'd
sell my MOTU 828 and find a way to come up with $1000 or more for that
combination. I wouldn't even mind if it was a bit heavy. I could just go to
a gig with my guitar, the fc/interface, laptop and plug into a sound 
*That* would be awesome. Probably a pretty limited market, I guess.

Best wishes,
Warren Sirota