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RE: The MRI and Looping: For Ambient & Experimental Music?

I spoke once with one of the pioneers here in the States regarding MRI for medical imaging and he relayed stories about how no one was sure sure what would happen under substantially higher field strengths so he volunteered to climb in one himself and he spoke of how his peripheral nerves would get tweaked and his limbs would start twitching and jerking in the machine...
Nicky T got a bum rap...
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...and according to him, there are VERY high-field MRIs with up to 9 Teslas. There is one that strong in New York City. He often works with one that's 7 Teslas,. and he confirmed all the wacky stories we've been trading about the extreme magnetic properties of these machines. IV stands rolling across the floor and slamming into the units, tattoos becoming hot, etc. etc. The most intriguing thing was that workers are only allowed to be near the 7 Tesla machine for 1/2 hour at a time because they get dizzy, apparently from trace elements in the body becoming magnetized.
By the way, let's give it up for ol' Nikola Tesla, who did some of his wacky electricity-through-the-air experiments just a few miles from my home here on Lawn Guyland. Didja know Tesla invented radio (but didn't patent it because he wanted to transmit stronger energy), fluorescent lights, AC current, the alternating phase motor, and of course the Tesla coil (found in virtually all radios and TVs)? Tesla got a bum rap, however, because he never got the electricity-through-the-air thing happening, and later on he started fantasizing publicly about "death rays" (lasers) and the possibility of life on Mars, and probably because of his Eastern European origins, as opposed to Thomas Edison who was Mister All-American and more of a public relations manipulator than Nikki.