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re: looperlative london demo

 >>>Could be exactly what I need to get away from my laptop back to  
hardware again, The edp was good, superlooper was the progression I  
wanted and now this could be exactly what I have been waiting for,  
for the last 4 years.
Any news about uk availability as soon as you know would be great,  
and also if it might be possible to demo the unit next year when it  
The ethernet is a very future proof sensible idea, forward thinking.
This is all very encouraging
and I will be buying one if it does what it says reliably.<<<

Hi Geoff,

I'll certainly be sorting out a London demo of the box as soon as I  
can, and may well be using it at my gig at Darbucka in London on  
January 12th... watch this space.


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