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Re: Looperlative LP1 - sample rate

I think you're mixing up waveforms and envelopes here
A hand clap is a burst of white(ish) noise with a fast attack and decay. 
is not a square wave.


  However....   a square wave can excite all kinds of
> frequencies which are not harmonics if other things in the system have a 
> resonance.  An example:  hitting a curb with your car.   This is like a 
> square wave for the suspension system - but your car will bounce at the 
> resonant frequency of the suspension.  I use square waves all the time 
> physical systems to excite and find resonances.  Another example more 
> related to audio is when a sound engineer will walk around the room and 
> clap.  The clap is an pressure wave impulse (sound)very similar to a 
> square wave and will excite resonances in the room that the engineer can 
> then listen for.
>> Something that contains all frequencies is called "noise". White noise 
>> contains all those frequencies evenly.
> right again!
> Jon