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Re: Sampling rate

     Thanks Jon for a very informative and well written post.  I learned 
more this morning than I
have all month.

     Ian brought up an interested point about "it's all sine waves anyway" 
which I'll have to
ponder some more.  I understand the basic implication, though it don't 
look like sine waves on my
screen...  I realize that many different sine waves added together will 
look quite different, the
question is whether or not the circuitry and DAC see it as many sine waves 
or one very complex

     R.Chris Murphy questions my understanding of sampling theory, as well 
he should.  :)  However
I still think we are talking about the same thing using slightly different 
languages.  If we are
sampling at 44,100 Hz, then a 100 Hz wave will be represented by 441 
"snapshots".  Likewise, a
10,000 Hz wave will be represented by 4.41 snapshots.  I am just wondering 
out loud if 4.41
snapshots is enough to offer 10kHz with enough accuracy, regardless of the 
bit depth.  Please be
aware that I'm not arguing anything here, it's quite a bit over my head.  
Just trying to
understand whether or not I'm thinking straight.

     The other information about high quality converters being more 
important than bit depth and
sampling frequency is quite interesting.  I bow to your vast experience in 
this area.


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