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OT: gear FS (digitech, gemini)

i'm trying to clean out my studio, a few things that i was going
to put on ebay, but have been slow/lazy, thought i'd offer it up here first,
its been good gear for me, but i know/doubt that it's stuff that anyone
HAS to have or are dying for:
DIGITECH RP-7, tube preamp (6 distortion modes, i liked the cleans, but all usable), from '98 i think, has 3.5 sec of delay, which i used for awhile to some good use. also has other effects (chorus, flanger, etc) and reverb. prepal has it listed at 136$,
i'm asking 90$ (that would include shipping cost) (note: i think the tube could use a replacing, but it works and has worked fine for me)
DIGITECH IPS33-the original harmony machine from '88 (and still working!) i guess it was the budget to the eventide h3000 back when i dreamed of owning rack gear. has 60 presets, 30 user spaces, i only used about 4-5 of the presets, can get some wide ranging effects w/ the mix knob. prepal has it listed at 96$, i'm asking 85$ (that includes shipping)
DIGITECH DSP256XL-has some nice tap delays, 1.5 sec of delay at 99% feedback, which i used a bit for looping... prepal has it listed at 82$, i'm asking 75$ (that includes shipping)
GEMINI 1224 sampler-has two 2-sec samples, two 4-sec samples, and a 12-sec sample, it's more dj oriented ,but i used it for gtr (and only had luck using the rca ins/outs). it has a pitch adjust which i used to some effect, not awe-inspiring but ok.
aksing 35$(that includes shipping)
i have pictures if you're interested, just email me at: scott.hansen@kirkwood.edu
i have a paypal acct, but would also be willing to accept personal check (to clear) since these aren't super high priced items by any means.
like i said, not gear i imagine most are dying for....but it has served me well....

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